How Longer The Carpet Dries After Cleaning?

Drying a carpet within a specified period is necessary to prevent mold growth and allergens. But sometimes, lack of experience and training leaves the carpet to dry for days. So, after cleaning it, you must concern about the drying time. According to Carpet Cleaning Potts Point, carpet drying time can range from four to eight hours a day. However, the dry time should not exceed 24 hours, but certain factors affect the drying time of the carpet. Let us discuss those factors and how to speed up the dry time.

Carpet Drying Time After:

  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning

When you choose a professional carpet cleaning Potts Point, the typical dry time is 4-8 hours for residential carpet and 2-7 hours for commercial carpet. However, how long the carpet takes to dry also depends on factors:

Cleaning Technique Used:

The two popular methods, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, are used to clean the carpet. And the drying time is different in both cases.

Cleaning Equipment:

If the professional uses modern equipment, it can extract more water than the traditional old machine. Hence, we can say drying times differ for different equipment used.

Experience And Training:

Your carpet needs a precise amount of water and low moisture to clean. So, suppose an inexperienced technician uses more water, then definitely the drying time will increase.

  1. DIY Cleaning

While performing DIY cleaning, you may not have the proper equipment and use excess water due to a lack of experience. In such a situation, 7-12 hours would be a standard dry time.

External Factors That Affect The Dry Time:

Unquestionably other factors affect carpet drying time so, please wait for at least 24 hours:


Warm and sunny weather helps in faster drying the carpet after cleaning. But if the weather is rainy, surely it would take more time to dry.


Dry air means a faster drying time, so the lower the humidity, the fastly the carpet dries.


Let us take an example of the woolen carpet. These carpets are porous and require 15+ hours of drying time. On the other hand, if you have nylon fabric, it dries faster.

How To Dry It Faster?

  • Allow fresh air for a faster dry time.
  • Use fans, Coolers, AC to speed up the drying time.
  • If you can’t wait long, you can also ask the professional for a blow-dry.
  • A dehumidifier keeps moisture down and helps to dry faster.


Along with cleaning, drying is also a vital part of maintaining the carpet, as a wet carpet is a magnet for stains. Drying time depends on various factors, as discussed above. So, what are you waiting for; take an experienced professional for carpet cleaning.