7 Ways For Carpet Maintenance

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Carpet maintenance is key to achieve the new look and long-lasting life of the carpet. Surely it won’t take up much time if you do cleaning regularly. However, if you are not aware of the right cleaning methods, hire a professional who provides Carpet cleaning near you. A professional at carpet cleaning Potts Point knows how to maintain the longevity of the carpets by using the right cleaning technique.

Let us look at 7 ways of carpet maintenance that will help you.

1. Know About The Fabric Of The Carpet

The carpet can be made from natural, synthetic or mixed materials. The life of carpet depends on the material of carpet you choose. For example, nylon carpets last longer than polyester carpets. Also, different fabric requires different cleaning treatment. So, it is important to know about the fabric of your carpet.

2. Vacuum Frequently At Least Twice A Week

It is important to vacuum your entire house at least twice a week. It removes excess dust, dirt, soil particles, and invisible microscopic allergens and keeps you healthy. Frequent vacuuming is vital for prolonging the life of the carpet and also enhances the appearance.

3. Treat Stains On The Spot

Whether it is a liquid-like coffee, wine, or food stains, try to treat it immediately. Because if you leave them, it will make them harder to remove when dry.

Blot up the excess liquid with tissue paper, and you will need a good stain remover to clean. Always try to remove stains gently, don’t rub; this will prevent damage of fibers and increase their life.

4. Use Carpet Stain Protector

Wash and clean the carpets often if you have kids and pets at home. If there are tough liquid stains, dirt, and oil, use a stain protector to clean along with normal cleaning. This will make sure you keep it protected for the longer term.

5. Place the mats in high traffic areas

high traffic areas include doorways, dining areas, beds, couches. So, the use of mats or rugs will prevent the dust particles from entering into carpets directly.

6. Try To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Your carpet needs a professional clean every year; this is the best way to maintain and keep it long-lasting. Deep cleaning service will remove the toughest stains and dirt and kill all germs. Professionals better know how to treat the different fabric and which method to clean.

7. Other Ways To Maintain Your Carpets

  • Rearrange the furniture more often
  • Leave footwear outside
  • Don’t let pets sit on your carpets
  • Avoid using strong chemical or bleaches
  • Protect carpets from direct sunlight

    So, you can see by regular cleaning you can maintain your carpet’s life. Also, unprofessional cleaning reduces the life of carpets. So, talk to professionals and take their assistance for carpet cleaning and maintenance.